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My journey to IIT Hyderabad (part 2)

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My journey to IIT Hyderabad (part 1)

It was 2015 when I was studying in one of the engineering colleges in Mumbai. Around June, I had to decide what to do next as it was my final year of college. There were a few popular options such as getting a placement, MS in the US, and CAT. Confused with all of this, I didn't know what to do. I was scared of other options I decided to go for the unpopular choice of GATE. I was very naive to choose that option without doing any detailed background research. I applied for an exam even joined coaching classes, which I left in the middle due to other constraints. While my friends were bust in placement or CAT or GRE preparation, I was chilling out, not worrying much. And in February 2016, I wrote my first GATE exam without any preparation. When the result came, I just qualified. Still, it was clear that I was not getting into any engineering college for my master's. By the end of May, I was alone, jobless, and without any admission letter to any college or university. Till this